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Pronounced: Dij – E – guin (Digital + Penguin)

Digiguin is a front-end website design, conference design, and animation company located in Erie, PA.

We live to make your life online a hell of a lot easier!

We also live to do other things.

“Brendan was great to work with. Hired initially to take some of the web development weight off our engineering team, he grew into a very important role, taking on both redesigns of our marketing content and the creation of entirely new sites. We were happily surprised when he also was able to create fantastic animated marketing videos for the company, something that would have been prohibitively expensive had we gone with an outside firm.”

- Brian P O’Rourke, Vice President of Engineering, CrowdFlower (2009-2011) (brianorourke@gmail.com)

—Brian P O'Rourke